Guide into Roulette

Guide into Roulette

Roulette is the most classic gambling game in the world, which many people associate with the word casino. At first glance, the game may seem quite simple, but when you get to know its rules, this will be a rather misleading conclusion. In other words, the game of roulette is little more than watching a small ball roll around the roulette wheel and randomly land in one of the numbered pockets. Of course, you can also play roulette when you rely on luck and enjoy rare victories. But savvy players can get more than rare wins.

What is roulette?

To this day, historians debate where and when roulette appeared as a game of chance. Many agree that the game appeared thanks to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who accidentally invented the modern roulette wheel in 1655 while trying to create a perpetual motion device. There are other historical events that record a possible influence on the existence of roulette today. For example, the Italian board games Biribi and Hoca, the English wheel-related games E-O, Ace of Hearts and Roly-Poly.

Since then, roulette has gone through several reincarnations, and today it has three main forms: French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette. These types are played both in land-based arcades and also online.

Over time, online casinos became more popular than land-based real facilities, so developers began to optimize all gambling games, trying to bring them closer to the atmosphere of a real casino. Roulette is also available in the Live Casino portfolio, provided by great developers such as Evolution, Ezugi and Authentic Gaming. A roulette wheel and ball will be cut before your eyes. In live mode, handsome dealers will announce the result and congratulate you on your successful bet, all from the comfort of your home.

What are the types of roulette?

types of roulette

As mentioned above, there are currently three most popular types: French, European and American roulette. In addition, you can play roulette in different forms, such as multiplayer and multiwheel roulette.

European roulette – here you can bet on numbers from 1 to 36. There is only one zero on the roulette wheel – zero, which makes your chances of winning a little higher than in American roulette.

American roulette – an additional zero appears in the game, so there are already two fields with zeros. This slightly reduces your chances of winning and at the same time increases the profit for the casino itself. Online, this type of roulette is often played with only one zero.

French roulette is one of the oldest forms of casino roulette. Like European roulette, the French option has only one zero. However, the difference is that with French Roulette you have fewer betting options. The playing field will also look different.

Roulette bet types

Roulette bet types

In roulette, you can place a bet both on one number and on a group of numbers. In roulette, there are several combinations, each of which is worth different odds, providing different chances of winning and different payouts. You should know that all roulette bets are divided into three main categories: inside, outside and announced bets.

The first two categories are the basic categories that all roulette games offer and which you should definitely know before you start playing roulette, while the third is only found in certain roulette variants.

Internal rates:

  • Straight – a simple, one-number bet;
  • Split – two adjacent numbers;
  • Street – three consecutive numbers;
  • Six Line – bet on two adjacent Street numbers;
  • Corner – square bet on four numbers;
  • Trio – a three-number bet that includes a zero or zeros;
  • Basket – bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Outside rates:

  • Red or Black – a bet on color, red or black;
  • Odd or Even – even or odd number;
  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – a bet on whether the winnings will be lower or higher than 19;
  • Dozen – a bet on one of the three tens located on the playing field;
  • Columns – a bet on one of the columns where the lucky number will be.

Play roulette for free

In case you are not yet ready to risk your money and investments, we recommend you to try the roulette game for free. You have the opportunity to view the demo versions, it is the same roulette game, with the same game features, but the bets are made with virtual chips instead of real money. Note that you will also receive your winnings in virtual tokens and never with real money. As soon as you feel that you know all the rules of roulette and have practiced the game enough, then try your luck playing for real money.

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