Confidence in your tote bets

tote bets

Sports betting professionals are confident in what they do – their bets. Especially when they are betting against the favorites in the game. It takes faith and courage that your strategy really works and you have to stick to it, otherwise you won’t be profitable in the long run

The amount of courage required will depend on the circumstances of the games. For example, if you have to bet that Ventspils will lose, you will make this bet with more confidence than if you have to bet against Barcelona.

It’s best if you don’t feel comfortable making a bet, it’s better not to make it than to make an opposite bet that no longer fits your strategy. You have to be brave enough to follow the system or give it up. Try not to place bets that have not been calculated!

Planning can prevent poor performance

prevent poor performance

Being prepared to use a strategy or system to beat the sweepstakes is a must! You should choose a soccer betting strategy to place your bets on.

A great tool for analyzing your bets is

You’ll also need a smart money management strategy to beat the sweepstakes. The classic strategy is when you place an amount on each bet that is a certain percentage of your “Bank”. For example, if you have 100 Euros in your totalizator account and you have decided to bet 5% of your bank on each game, then it will be 5 Euros. If you have earned 20 euros and your bank balance is 120 euros, then your bets will be 5% of this amount, in this case 6 euros.

Patience and long-term thinking to win sweepstakes

Patience and long-term thinking to win sweepstakes

Patience is the main character trait of every professional bookmaker or trader. By moving forward in small steps, it is possible to achieve big results.

If you have all of the above-mentioned qualities, then patience will definitely be on your list of qualities. All these features will help you beat tote bookmakers. Of course, you can win a few bets, even many, but in the long run, without the necessary character traits, well-thought-out strategy and conscious money management, you will hardly succeed.

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