Slot machines – rules, tips and tricks

Slot machines

For many years, slot machines have been an indispensable part of every online and classic casino. Why not: The possibility of high winnings with low stakes with just the pull of a lever attracts players from all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of slot machines, especially in online casinos, is growing day by day.

Almost every week players can look forward to new, even better and even more profitable games that not only boast astronomically high jackpots or jackpots, but also with crystal clear graphics and almost cinematic sound effects. These will make playing even more exciting, as you will have the feeling that you are in a real casino within its four walls.

Types of slot machines

With the ever-increasing range on offer, finding the right slot machine can be a very time-consuming task. A classic slot machine consisted of three reels, each with ten symbols, which you activated by inserting a chip and pulling a lever and waiting for the reels to stop. One of the main characteristics of classic slot machines was the lack of special features and bonuses.

Today, in addition to the classic ones, you can find modern, technologically sophisticated slot machines in casinos, which usually have three, four, five or even seven reels. One of the most popular innovations in today’s slot machines is, in addition to higher payouts, special features and bonuses.

In classic slot machines, three identical symbols in the same line were the only possible way to win. In addition to a higher number of reels, modern slot machines also boast fabulous bonuses, progressive jackpots and special symbols such as the Wild and Scatter symbols, which can return your investment, activate special bonus games and, with the right combination, double or triple the profit.

Fans of heroes from movies and serials will definitely like themed slot machines. They are modern versions of the former ‘one-armed bandits’, depicting scenes from your favorite movies and series. As a rule, it is the symbols of the main characters that activate additional winnings. As the tastes of the players are different, so are the themes of the slot machines. The most common themes are adventures, animals, mythology, fairy tales, fruits, etc., in addition to blockbuster movies. So you will definitely find a slot machine to your liking.

First steps in playing

First steps in playing

At first glance, slot machines give the impression that playing is extremely simple. Nevertheless, even at your first meeting, be it in an online or traditional casino, you will realize that a slot machine consists of much more than just a lever and a place for chips. You’ll quickly notice that the lever is gone, replaced by buttons.

Otherwise, the number and meanings of the buttons differ from manufacturer to manufacturer of the machine, but as a rule, you can always find buttons on slot machines that determine the amount of the bet, bet the maximum or minimum amount, you activate repeat spins.

By clicking on the Bet button, you bet the selected number of tokens, which you have determined the value of by clicking on the Coin Size button. If you want to play with the highest or lowest stake, click the Bet Max button or Beth Min. The Autospin button activates the automatic spinning of the reels. With some slot machines, you can also set the number of repetitions to avoid the machine spinning indefinitely or until the account is empty.

Tip: Before you start playing with real money, we recommend that you use the free play option. Most slot machines ask you whether you want to play for real money or for free before starting the game. If you choose the free version, you can try out all the features of the slot machine without the fear of spending money unnecessarily.

How to play?

How to play?

Now that you have learned the functions of the most important buttons and found a slot machine to your liking, you can start playing. By pulling the game lever or clicking the Spin button starts the reels spinning. When the reels stop, a combination of symbols appears on the screen. Whether the combination is winning or not is decided by the rules of the slot machine. Winning combinations are not only those where the same symbols are in the same line, but also the rest of the combinations listed in the rules of the slot machine.

In the vast majority of slot machines, in addition to ordinary symbols, two special symbols also appear – Scatter and Wild. In particular, the Wild symbol is considered the most popular among players, as it can raise or enable winnings. In case you managed to get three of the same symbols in a straight line, and with the fourth symbol the combination would be winning, the Wild symbol replaces the missing symbol and thus creates a winning combination. In some cases, with the Wild symbol you can also double or triple the winning amount.

In addition to the Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol can also appear during gameplay. If a certain number of Scatter symbols appear on the screen, an additional bonus game is activated where you can get free spins. This way, you keep all the winnings obtained during the free ’round’, but if you are left empty-handed, you don’t lose anything.

Tip: For more information about special symbols, combinations and playing rules, see the settings of the slot machine in the Settings tab.

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