Smart betting – how to bet smart?

Smart betting

Sports betting is one of the best ways to have fun and make some money on top of your betting. You need to know a few little tricks of the trade, because bookmakers have a slight edge over punters.

In sports betting, it all comes down to finding the right value for your role. Whether it’s the odds, the right betting market or even getting your bets in on time, the point is to make the most of every opportunity to win.

If you learn how to beat the system, you will be at a huge advantage over other players. To learn the tricks of smart betting, here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your betting on sporting events.

Smart betting requires a certain attitude 

If you want to win like a pro, then you need to think like one. The first and most common mistake bettors make is to bet with their heart instead of their head. Instead of betting on a team because you like them or because you are rooting for them, try to think a little “outside the box”. If the odds are not good enough, just skip it. No one will know that you didn’t bet on your favourite team and you won’t be a traitor, but a smart bettor who doesn’t fall into the traps of the bookmaker.

Smart betting in a bookmaker requires you to be objective at all times. You may be a Manchester United fan, but when Manchester City beats your favourite team and you have bet smartly against your team, it is you who has the last laugh, not the bookmaker.

Betting requires you to know how bookmakers work

Sportsbooks set odds by predicting how bettors will react to a particular event. Odds are therefore most often not set according to the actual probabilities of any outcome. In effect, the bookmakers set the odds by inducing bettors to bet equally on both final outcomes, thus equalizing their chances and their obligations to the players in the event of winnings being paid out.

Smart betting is actually looking for opportunities where the bettor can find value in the odds based on the opinion of other bettors. Finding value in bets is one of the main answers to the question of how to bet wisely.

Choose a bookmaker where you can win

Choose a bookmaker

If you want to be successful in betting, you need at least one real bookmaker. In fact, you need bookmakers where you can win. Unfortunately, many sportsbooks don’t want to have players who win among their users, so they filter them with limits and player exclusions, leaving only those who are constantly losing.

Fortunately, there are sportsbooks that don’t stand in the way of smart bets and profitable sports bettors. Such sports betting houses do not limit their customers and after a few successful bets they do not limit the amount of stakes. The most well-known bookmakers who accept bettors who understand the importance of smart betting and welcome them with open arms are Pinnacle and 1Xbet. These sports betting providers have a business model that is based on low margins and allows for high bets, which is an ideal prerequisite for success.

Create a betting account

To make a profit, you must first create a betting account. The account should be large enough to cover the bad streaks that will undoubtedly occur during betting.

Our recommendation is that you have enough funds in your betting account for between 50 and 100 individual bets. So, if you bet €1.4 per ticket, you should have at least €70 in your betting account. Smart betting requires a professional approach to creating a betting account and a disciplined approach to each individual bet. Only in this way can you expect your account in the sportsbook to grow over time.

In connection with the betting account, it should be noted that it is very important to be disciplined with your bets and not to increase them when you have a good series and not to lose your head when you are in a bad series. The point of a betting account is to make the account last, when there are too many differences between highs and lows.

Don’t be afraid of losses

Don't be afraid of losses

One of the most common mistakes amateur bettors make is fear of failure. This fear paralyzes the mind and leads to irrational decisions in sports betting, which are not smart bets. You have to accept that losses are an integral part of sports betting.

You must remember that even the most successful professional bettors do not guess successfully on every bet. If you manage to become successful in 55% of the cases, you will be able to make a profit.

Want another tip on how to bet smart? When you lose, don’t stress too much, but focus on the next opportunity waiting around the corner. Thinking about losing is a one-way street to a series of bad decisions and bets. Instead of beating yourself up about a lost bet, look at it as an experience you paid for.


The road to success is simply paved with many mishaps and obstacles. To be successful, be persistent and hardworking. If you think that you can earn large amounts of money in a short period of time, you are very wrong. The most important thing to know about smart betting is that there are no “safe bets” and no one can guarantee you anything when it comes to sports betting.

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